11 thoughts on “Words

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  2. Occasional silence is a sign of maturity and greatness, albeit sometimes disconcerting. You have chosen short poetry as the primary vehicle of your creative vision, so you understand the power and beauty of accuracy in both the moment and the overall experience. There are many planned silences within poetry. Like with classical music, those silences are half the expression. In poetry philosophy, music, sculpture and science meet … in perfect harmony.

    Thank you for your support, Esther! You truly understand the challenges of balancing art and the art of living. You are within my consciousness — even when I am creating offline.


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  3. Dear Esther, thanks to our mutual friend Adam, I have discovered some of your poetry and art, and I find them excellent. I hear too that you write in several languages including French. Alors si tu veux, nous pouvons échanger nos oeuvres. Bien cordialement.

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