7 thoughts on “Aphorism

  1. Indeed. And those hurtful, wrong, killing words can no more be taken back than a bullet.
    I AM however fascinated by the illustration…(I am almost as much an aficionado of firearms as I am of women brandishing them)…please tell me, Esther, where did you find this artwork? It is an essentially perfect rendition of a Barrett 50 cal. BMJ, as well as a riveting image of the woman who brandishes it.
    Is it your own handiwork? I do not intend to demean how profound this post is, because the truth of it goes clear to the bone (much like this post).

    Chazz Vincent

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  2. Reblogged this on dreamlanddancing and commented:
    This post got my attention for two reasons: I love depictions of powerful, assertive women and am a long-time firearms aficionado. This is a near-perfect image of a Barrett 50cal BMG, and the picture is truly heroic.
    It was only later that I realized that in this picture, she has been shot…and words, like bullets, can never be taken back.
    I highly recommend Esther’s site; there is rarely a day she doesn’t post beautiful, provocative images and words.


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