20 thoughts on “Violence

  1. Esther—many Christians are focusing on this very kind of work—fighting against exploitation of women and children..On a separate matter—thank you for your frequent visits and frequent LIKES! I and the re=blogged sure appreciate you. ❤ 😀

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  2. Bonjour mon ami(e)ESTER
    Une petite voiture roule vers toi
    Pour t’apporter une grosse valise
    De tendresse et d’amitié
    Afin que tu puisses passer
    Une agréable journée dans la joie

    Et une très belle fin de semaine
    Une cascade de bisous



  3. It seems people always need a reminder. No doubt, I am happy about it. But violence against women does happen each and every day. It’s why I am never silent and blame violators for what they do and did.


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