5 thoughts on “Shabbat

  1. The two flames and your words just inspire me my sister! It reminded me of this poem; ‘Causing My Heart To Sing’,

    When your smile dances into the morning
    There is a certain joy it will surely bring
    As I feel the warmth of its splendid love
    It causes my heart to delightfully sing

    Each day seems to be much better
    And very different in so many ways
    For it seems to blossom abundantly
    As together we welcome our new day

    God’s love has made our lives to increase
    Allowing us to blend blissfully together as one
    For we have grown stronger in our love
    Knowing its time will never come undone

    I greet each morning with such happiness
    Because of the certain joy it daily brings
    As your smile beautifully dances to life
    Filling my heart with sweet songs to sing.

    The beauty you always share from your heart is a blessing for us.
    So wanted to send a smile back to you and the apple of your eye!. God bless!


Pétales de roses

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