13 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

      1. Of course you aren’t, big sister. For me, being a child of the Buddha, it’s hard to understand why people would fight in the name of (a) god. To fight is always the decision of humans. And some humans are mislead by others. They use the Bible, or the Koran to tell lies. The USA is a special country. A lot there is show, is about power and politics. In fact: MONEY! I am not sure what’s going on over there. But her acting could be a strategy to fuel hatred against the LGBT-Community.

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        1. It’s this kind of strategy. Primary elections then elections. They need to seduce the far right wing, the rednecks and all kind of people. George Takei said: If she had denied marriage certificate to an interracial couple, woulp people cheer her? Would presidential candidates flock to her side?…

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  1. Lightning rod for haters everywhere — is the one who claims righteousness in denying others a legal right. Like the people who came out and tried to scare the black children away from entering “white” schools. Like the criminals who set fire to Planned Parenthood buildings. Haters gonna hate. The rest of us have to love to balance it out.


  2. Heartafire

    regarding the fanatic lady serving as clerk of court in La. I would pity her if her actions did not affect innocent people just wanting to live. Thrice divorced and I don’t judge that, but certainly feel she is a hypocrite for forcing her misguided brainwash on the rest of us. She should give up this position whose responsibilities she refuses to fulfill.
    Please forgive the rant, but I am so sickened by her and the rush of supporters at her side. Hatred is alive and well.

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