10 thoughts on “Mothers

  1. “Who says Mother is Weak.
    She is the one who Gives Birth.
    Destruction is not her Job.
    She Creates and Builds the World for that matter the Universe.”

    Hortus !
    I am to inform you that I have dedicated my latest Post in your name please read and comment there.
    Those are the few Poem like lines I have written for the first time on my Blog.
    Fondest Regards,


  2. HEY MOM! You are the one whose skirts I ran behind that time. You were, in my tears, the absolute first and only one I could think of…so the little hurt boy in me ran as fast as he could toward the motherly safety of Your skrts to hide behind. Really.
    Love you, Mom…or Mother….thank you for adopting me for a few short seconds. Or .at least, not pushing me away! 🙂


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