11 thoughts on “Cellphones

  1. Zeffiretta

    My family and friends keep blaming me for being unavailable – I forget my cellphone at home a lot… but I use when I need it – not for others. Am I old-fashioned? I hate people talking on the phone and via headset sitting in a beautiful garden – their lives don’t interest me a bean!!!

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  2. When I drive I leave cell in my bag, in the back seat! It is at that time I receive most calls, usually on way home. Everyone has sophisticated text and call gps on their dashboard I have oldfashioned car with oldfashioned rules.

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  3. So true and scary! I often leave my phone at home on purpose, just to get away. My friends complain I’m unreachable, but I sometimes want to be unreachable and connect to the world around me. Beautiful poem!

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