10 thoughts on “Victory

  1. In Muslim Countries ,the government punishes the gay and the lesbians ,they flog them to death ,In Saudi Arabia they Decapitate them.Where is the human rights agencies to defend those victims?Women are enslaved and stoned to death,little girls at 12 years of age are forced to marry older men.The UN is deaf ,and blind.

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  2. Yes !! 🙂
    But beware. In France, homophobic acts increased after this law.

    Homophobes are
    confident. Their violence
    is in broad day-light.

    Justice is a protection
    against obscurantism.

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  3. Thank you for all your likes on my works. I am appreciative but never said this until now. I adore your work too, very much. I come home from work and write 8-10 hours seven days a week and it’s regrettable I do not spend time replying to everyone. But I know you and thank you so very much. Eternal thanks and peace and love to you! ~ Phillip


  4. I am too blind for all political persuasion. But I know love is love. And it transcends the entire boundary of humanity. Even religion. We are a duality of animal and spirituality: which do you hold upon? That determines your congress in life.

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