18 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. If parents love their children they have no “wills” that go against their children’s happiness. What parents want should only have to do with their own lives. Growing up means respecting your parents but doing what’s right for yourself and no longer being forced to listening to the demands of others. That’s what being your true self means…not to be manipulated or guilted into living someone else’s life instead of your own. Personal opinion, of course.

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  2. Vincent

    La pelouse et les arbres,
    La paresse endormie
    L’espace ténébreux

    Puisqu’il faut renoncer
    À ce qu’on ne peut retenir
    Qui devient autre chose
    Contre ou avec le cœur, —
    L’oublier rondement

    Puis battre les buissons
    Pour chercher sans trouver
    Ce qui doit nous guérir
    De nos maux inconnus
    Que nous portons partout.

    René Char

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  3. mschoolman

    we are all here for you. some just don’t know they are yet. you will fill them with the light and then an accord can be reached. love the poem and yes the artwork is the essence of essences.


  4. lisaelskerarvid

Pétales de roses

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