9 thoughts on “Come!

  1. Salut Esther ~~

    Message from Hypheurite (Laozi a dit) : Please

    I’m managing several blogs but mine is just : HYPHEURITE.WORDPRESS.COM

    A wordpress (Gravatar) BUG drive you to “like” other blog.. pléease : DONT ! Just Hypheurite because the contain is too différent.
    Please, remove the “follow” to this link.
    Otherwise, I’ll have to close HYPHEURITE to avoid harm Al.HY.

    Many Thanks

    Message d’Hypheurite (Laozi a dit) : SVP

    Je pilote plusieurs blogs mais le mien est juste : HYPHEURITE.WORDPRESS.COM

    Un bug de wordpress (Gravatar) vous propose de liker un autre blog. SVP, ne le faites pas ! Seulement Hypheurite car les contenus sont trop différents.
    Merci de retirer “suivre/follow” vers ce lien.
    Sans quoi, je serais obligé de fermer HYPHEURITE pour ne pas nuire à la chanteuse Al.HY.

    Merci à tous


  2. Sometimes I feel like a voyeur reading the poetry of others. Poetry is so much more immediate, more intimate than a novel … which though often intimately revealing, seems, at the same time, more removed.


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