Painting by Renso Castaneda Peru

Life is a journey
To nowhere.
Love is a journey
Within the journey,
Without destination.

On a morning,
You meet a soul
Both your hearts
Are on fire.

You walk together
On the road.
Every moment is
A delight.

The smooth killer
Is now awake,
Time is its name.

You come to a fork,
Each make different
Choices, you have a date
with pain.

Every moment becomes
An interrogation.
Doubt appears.
Fear is your fellow.

You see your honey
Estranging from you
You’re estranging from her, too.

Both go in the mist of
Indifference without
Understanding what has happened.

Pain and sorrow,
No winner,
No loser,
Two aching souls.

The journey goes on
To another soul,
To nowhere.